Our Vision

We envision a region renowned for the wealth of its local, living economy, in which businesses built on sustainable practices are prospering and shaping a vibrant, healthy community for all.

Our Purpose

Seacoast Local is devoted to educating the Seacoast about the community benefits of rooting more money locally, in order to increase our region's economic, community and environmental strength.  Our role is to be the forum where locally owned, independent businesses come together to lead this transformation, within their own business and across our community.

Our Strategy

This vision requires a long-term investment, and its success depends on local residents' ability to take control of as many aspects of our daily lives as possible.  Each time we do, we achieve a stronger, more sustainable outcome.

This is best accomplished over the long term by a relentless commitment to redirecting money to local uses- locally owned and independent businesses, local food, local energy, local investment and more.

A community that keeps money recirculating locally will increase its ability to make strong, long-term choices that will be most beneficial for our future and our childrens' future.  In this vision, each community member, each voter, is given the information they need to make the best long term choices for the community as a whole.

Seacoast Local is committed to working with all interested parties to make this vision a reality.

Core Competencies

As a non-profit network of local, independently owned Seacoast businesses and supporters, we facilitate sustainable economic development through the following:

Education in our community about the economy, social and environmental benefits of supporting locally owned businesses, and providing tools for everyone to "lead from where you're at."

Connections linking local businesses to one another and facilitating communication and collaboration between them.

Market development: Establishing a community preference for building strong local economics through marketplace and policy development that opens opportunities for sustainable economy businesses.

Our meetings, programs and events, campaigns and partnerships provide opportunities for people to learn, connect, share ideas and take action.  In this way, we engage local citizens, governments, business, educators and nonprofits in our mission.

Our Values

We are guided in our work by passion and joy, ethical action, transparent decisions, consistent communication, visionary leadership, respectful relationships, preference for action, powerful partnerships, and a commitment to continuous learning.


Seacoast Local began in 2006 as a grassroots initiative led by a broad base of local area businesses and individuals.  The Organization now has 200+ members, including local area businesses, non-profits and residents.

We increased our expertise, resources and best practices by joining BALLE (Business Alliance for Local, Living Economies) in late 2006, and by co-founding New England Local Business Forum ( a regional network of local-first organizations) in 2008.

A key focus of the organization is bringing a diversity of collaborators to the table.  Seacoast Local has built and is committed to maintaining a board of directors that both represents local business owners, residents, educators, and non-profit leaders and that reflects the income, gender, and race demographics of our community.  We build working relationships with municipalities, grassroots and government leaders.  We also collaborate with existing organizations and community leaders who work to foster long-term sustainable food, energy, business, cultural and transportation practices to enhance the quality of life for all who live on the Seacoast for generations to come.

A National Movement

Seacoast Local is proud to be a founding member of the New England Local Business Forum and a member of BALLE since 2006. We are also strong collaborators with AMIBA and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.






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