Director David Boynton grew up on a farm in Northern New Hampshire in an entrepreneurial family. He's owned a small business and run others, including an outdoor education center. In the past two years, he's transitioned his focus with an MBA in Sustainability from Antioch New England, working in the local food movement and learning about the local policy world. Dave knows that we can make a significant impact with our choices surrounding money, the environment, and our communities, and is excited to be here helping to move this work forward.

Food Education and Outreach Coordinator Jess Skinner MS Environmental Studies, is a certified Biology teacher in the state of New Hampshire. She has taught Ecology at Keene State College, organized the creation of an organic garden and developed a solid waste coordination program at Antioch University New England. She co-authored a Farm Education Toolkit, organized a School Composting Workshop as a solid waste consultant, and has acted as a food and agriculture curriculum advisor for the National Career Clusters Framework. She is dedicated to engaging students and community members of all ages in learning about good food and sustainable food systems.



Our board of directors is responsible for leading our existing and emerging projects. In addition, they help steer the organization philosophically as we grow and move forward. They are always seeking volunteers to help out with various tasks and serve on committees - we'll need a lot more of your participation as we continue to engage our community in building strong local economies.

President Karen Marzloff has been writing for local media for 15 years, and in 2003 helped bring a new independent media voice to the Seacoast with The Wire, a news and culture weekly. The Wire documents its community, but it also produces its own arts and culture initiatives, such as the RPM Challenge and the ArtSpace concert series. As co-founder of Seacoast Local, Karen brings a deep understanding of the link between local media, local business and local people.

Vice President Tom Holbrook started RiverRun Bookstore in 2002 with the tag line: "Locally Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Involved." A desire to preserve the culture, environment, and unique character of the Seacoast led him to co-found Seacoast Local.

Secretary Bob Marino is a financial professional with a background in financial modeling, corporate budgeting, and SRI and cleantech business analysis. Bob spent much of his youth working behind the counter of his father’s pharmacy, and has a deep appreciation for the community and social ties that local independent businesses engender. He is very interested in policy measures that incentivize local economies, strengthen communities, and encourage citizen engagement.

Rian Bedard is the owner of EcoMovement, a local company dedicated to zero waste. EcoMovement works with more than 70 business, residents, and schools to implement programs that educate and put into action the reality of less waste. By diverting organic waste from the landfill, they are also creating an end product that is vital part of sustainable agriculture on the Seacoast. Rian hopes to help educate the community and pull all of Seacoast's amazing resources together to build a more local, living economy.

Amy Winans is a faculty member in the Hospitality Management Department housed within the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at University of New Hampshire. As the appointed chef for the national “Chef’s Move to Schools” initiative in Dover public schools, Amy oversees projects in conjunction with the UNH nutritional science program. She’s a member of the Dover Dining Facilities Council, where she’s charged with improving school food and educating students about healthful food choices, the role of agriculture and the social outcomes of our food system.



Special thanks to those who have shared their time and talents with Seacoast Local:

Denise Mallett, The Black Trumpet Bistro

Kelly Cioe, Whalen Public and Media Realtions

Pamela Morrison, Optima Bank & Trust

Mark Sullivan, Seacoast Asset Management

Joe Galle, Fair Tide

Brendan Cooney, BraodReach Research and Consulting

Jonathan Blakeslee, White Heron Tea

Anna Nuttall, Portsmouth Art Department Chair

ML Geffert, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton, PA.

Dick Ingram

Rich Wood

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