Think Local First

Our Think Local First program increases awareness about the personal, community and economic benefits of choosing locally owned, independent businesses first. Our role is to be the forum where people come together to lead this transformation, within their own business and in partnership with our community.

Are you the owner of a locally owned, independent business? Join our network of forward-thinking and locally invested business leaders to make your own business and our local economy as strong as it can be. Campaigns and events include the Buy Local visibility campaign led by more than 200 locally owned, independent businesses, Shift Your Shopping monthly promotions, Making the Connection community speaker series, (H)EAT fundraising, and business education workshops.

Are you a local resident? Be part of the movement to build an economy that is local, green and fair. To get started, see our Seacoast Local’s Guide and the Top Ten Reasons To Buy Local. Join our new citizen membership program, attend an event, volunteer, and help spread the word about Shift Your Shopping.

Do you serve in municipal or state leadership? Economic development initiatives join our work as business members. Through our Local Economy Communities program, we're also looking to share examples of innovative strategies, policies, bills, regulations and ordinances that support environmentally sound and equitable community development. 

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