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Barrington • Dover • Durham • Eliot • Exeter • Greenland • Hampton • Kensington • Kittery  
 Lee • Madbury • New Castle • Newfields • Newmarket • North Hampton • Portsmouth • Rollinsford •  Rye • Seabrook • Somersworth • South Berwick • South Hampton • Stratham • York   

Business Member Application

Businesses, non-profit organizations and local citizens choose to participate in Seacoast Local for many reasons, but most are actively engaged in an ongoing commitment to:  

  • Ensure that our place doesn’t become “every” place.  
  • Support a strong community and thriving local economy with meaningful jobs, a diversity of business owners, successful non-profits, and involved citizens.  
  • Increase awareness about the importance of supporting local non-profits, products, services and businesses.  
  • Decrease negative impacts on our water, forests and air.  
  • Know and do business with others in the community who share similar concerns and values.  
  • Collaborate in ways that reduce costs and increase convenience of making environmental and local business decisions.  
  • Model sustainable practices for the community.   

Annual Membership Fee is $150/year or $13/month.  Non Profits are $75/year or $6.50/month

Yes No
The organization is privately held (not publicly traded)
The organization is located within our 24 Seacoast Local towns
The owner or majority of owners are local residents who live within our 24 Seacoast Local towns for more than half the year
The organization is registered in New Hampshire or Maine with no corporate headquarters elsewhere
Your organization makes independent decisions regarding its name and look, as well as all business purchasing, practices, and distribution decisions
Your business pays al of its own marketing, rent, and other business expenses without assistance or payment to a corporate headquarters
If your business has multiple outlets, the majority are located within Maine and New Hampshire
Must answer YES to ALL to join as a business or non-profit member. If you cannot, please contact us about becoming a community partner or getting involved in other ways.
A manager or other staff you want to keep updated.