Become a Seacoast Local Citizen Member

Declare yourself a supporter of Thinking Local First! When you spend your money at a local independent business 2-4 times the economic activity is generated right here in our Seacoast community. You are part of an experiential economy so get to know your bookstore owner, shop keeper, mechanic, and banker. What does membership mean? By supporting our mission you also get: Access to our Online Savings Book to local businesses with thousands of dollars of savings Our monthly newsletter to stay in touch with our initiatives, events, and other collaborative happenings Invitations to our networking events Discounted tickets to our events like our Field & Spoon Farm Dinners and Tap Local First local beer events

Why Buy Local?

1. Keep dollars in our economy

2. Embrace what makes us unique

3. Create local jobs

4. Help the environment

5. Nurture community

6. Conserve your tax dollars

7. Create more choice

8. Take advantage of our expertise

9. Invest in entrepreneurship

10. Make the Seacoast a destination