1. Local food builds a stronger community

Deeper connections to the people and the land that grow our food are made when consumers, chefs, food service directors and business owners connect directly to the source of the food they eat.

2. Local food supports local farms and fishing boats

Local purchasing allows those who farm and fish to keep more of the full retail value for their crops, allowing them to sustain their way of life.

3. Local food supports responsible land development

When land is preserved for farms and pasture, we are preserving open space and providing an economic incentive to keep it open and undeveloped.

4. Local produced food is fresher

Local produce can stay in the ground or on the tree longer, allowing for a higher nutrient content, and will travel a shorter distance from source to plate, preserving the taste and quality of the food.

5. Local food supports a strong local economy

One dollar spent at the farmers market supports four times the workers than one dollar spent at the supermarket.* We’re supporting local jobs held by people who care about the food they grow and how it’s treated.

Adapted from “Top 10 Reasons to Buy Food Locally” by Brenton Johnson and  ”The Local Food Economy in Two Charts” by Tom Philpott.