29 January, 2016
The Music Hall, Chestnut St., Portsmouth

How do we build a truly sustainable economy?

Join us for a great film and discussion, and benefit from the unique energy, ideas and creativity that results when we’re all in the room together, sharing our vision for a stronger, sustainable future.

First, the award-winning documentary “Real Value” delivers a refreshing meditation at the very heart of our localist movement: How businesses can be used to create both profit and value; connecting motivational stories from like-minded social entrepreneurs working in agriculture, apparel, insurance, and biofuel. The film also gets into the science behind our perception of value.

Then, after the one-hour film, there’s time for a panel discussion with:

Jesse Borowski (filmmaker) — fielding all your questions

Joni Praded (editor for Chelsea Green’s popular “Community Resilience” series ) — the connection between democracy and sustainable economy

Charlie French (UNH Cooperative Extension) — the emerging vision for localism in economic development

Karen Marzloff (Seacoast Local) — Trends and opportunities for sustainable economy right here on the Seacoast.

As always, the doors open at 6:30pm for some socializing in the upstairs lobby.

Tickets available at the door, or online here.