14 February, 2016
Manypenny Murphy Architecture, 96 Penhallow St., Portsmouth

ArtsJamPostcard_webAt Seacoast Local, we are fired up about great ideas being put forward for the Artplace America grant. We’re inviting everyone who was at the recent Seacoast info session — and anyone in the region applying for the grant — to meet up and brainstorm together about integrating arts with community development on the Seacoast.

Time is short. Their registration deadline is Feb. 16, which means we really need to shape our ideas this week. Please come to either or both:

Jam session on Wednesday night, Feb. 10 — share your ideas, work on our drafts share what we know, identify opportunities for collaboration

Review session on Sunday night, Feb. 14 — a flash-critique session where you bring your mostly finished idea, and we all help with the final round of edits.

Maybe we can make your idea stronger? Or vice versa? Maybe we only have half an idea, and you have the other half? Maybe we should just get to know each other better.

We’ll meet at  Manypenny Murphy Architecture.

RSVP here so we know how many will be in the room.

Sure, this is an unusual approach to grant-writing. But hey, it’s an unusual grant. And the Seacoast is filled with so many great organizations who all talk about working together more. This is a chance to increase our odds of the Seacoast winning this particular grant, to experiment with collaboration, and for all of us having a great year by working better together.

We hope you’ll come out! Our own mission is to build a more sustainable economy, where people, planet and place thrive. The arts are integral to that vision, and your ideas will help accelerate the positive change in this direction. While we’re submitting our own proposal, we also are enthusiastic that we share a vision for healthy community.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected].