Our Vision and Mission

An economy that works for all is possible. Working together, we have the power to protect our unique sense of place, lift up ourselves and our neighbors, create meaningful jobs, and build strong, resilient communities that we are proud to call home. We work to reconnect our money to this purpose locally, building a more local, green and fair economy on the Seacoast.

Our Work

Our vision is best reached by our shared commitment to reinvest more our local dollar here and encourage business models that support our local, living economy. The benefits are not only enormous, but they are largely egalitarian. Through our strategy of connecting leaders, sharing solutions and growing local investment, we work to see that every community member, each voter, is given the information they need to participate.

Seacoast Local provides opportunities for everyone to connect, share ideas, and get involved in the movement. Become a Community Member or Business Member, attend an event, sign up for our newsletter, or contact us to volunteer for one of our Initiatives.


Our impact

  • The Institute for Local Self Reliance 2015 Independent Busines Survey showed that businesses in communities with Local-First organizations like Seacoast Local consistently report higher annual revenue growth compared to businesses in communities without such an initiative. Go local, go! They also report that local-first campaigns make city officials more aware and supportive of independent business.
  • We bring thousands of people together through our communications and events. These have included festivals for local bridges, breweries and small-boat fisheries. We’ve hosted educational showcases, free speakers, workshops, and more. We can have fun, and educate the community at the same time.
  • Every day, more Seacoast residents get on board! We have more than four thousand followers across multiple digital platforms, including our email list, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our message reaches even further when nearly 300 members spread the word.
  • We’re part of a larger movement that’s making an impact. Here’s an exciting infographic with data supporting a consumer shift toward local holiday spending over the past five years. We’ve been doing this local economy education work on the Seacoast for ten years now–so it’s great to see this shift happening on a large scale.

Our Partners

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In a nutshell, our #Localist movement is growing and gaining strength. We’ve done great work so far, and are excited to look ahead to the next ten years. Our work in 2017 will include all of our regular programming and campaigns, plus a deep dive into our role leading the local economy movement over the next several years, where we see many new opportunities to explore together.

Without further ado, we invite you to join our movement!